Download the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro wallpapers

On September 14, 2021, Tim Cook and company announced the newest flagship iPhone devices. Each new device is advertised with a great image, but it is never released. Thankfully, with the help of the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week community, we found great iPhone 13 wallpapers for you to download, even before the handset is launched.

iPhone 13 Pro wallpapers

There are a lot of exciting reasons to upgrade to the new iPhone 13 devices, especially if you are on an iPhone 11 or newer. Some of the upgrades may seem incremental to users with an iPhone 12. Naturally, Apple touted the new camera technology as one of the biggest upgrades, with some other items coming in tow, like increased refresh rate and a smaller notch.

Thanks to the iDB community for help snagging a few versions of the new iPhone 13 wallpapers, which are included below. Here are the folks that helped triangulate great wallpapers, before this post was published, in order they connected with me: @ivanivanhorvat; @silvrski; @iSpazio; @Rafammx; @jellomendez; @iosgods6.

Editor’s update: previous credit for these wallpapers was improperly given. The original location of the files is from You can also follow their account via Twitter @iSpazio. Our thanks for the great work! You can find even more wallpapers via their Wallpaper Central repository.

My favorite of all the below images is the iPhone 13 Pro blue lights wallpaper. It’s something about the dark blue contrasting with the lighter color scheme. I assume the light blue accents match well to the Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro device.

iPhone 13 Pro wallpaper in blue lights

iPhone 13 Pro wallpaper in green and blue lights

iPhone 13 wallpapers

iPhone 13 blue wallpaper download

Dark blue and pink iPhone 13 wallpaper download

Pink, red, and yellow iPhone 13 wallpaper

Pink, purple, green, and blue iPhone 13 wallpaper download

Pink and violet iPhone 13 wallpaper

Thanks to everyone that helped source these images for the greater iDB wallpaper community! If you have more tips, tricks, or know where to find better versions of these wallpapers or others, then make sure to connect with me on Twitter @jim_gresham, where I curate the collection.

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