Long exposure wallpapers for iPhone

The iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection is a running series of photo quality images for your Apple device background. Each week come back for brand new downloads and keep your devices looking fresh every seven days. In today’s installment, long exposure images capture the moving life.

Long exposure wallpapers for iPhone

Our collection is regularly influenced by iDB readers or curated from locations around the web. Unsplash.com is a license free repository, where photographers are kind enough to share their work for download. You can search the website for themes, keywords, and even specific image orientations. In this case, I searched for long exposure tags that were in portrait orientation. The return provided a lot of options, but these stood out to me as some of the best.

Below, download the full resolution version of each photograph. The canvas size is much larger than an iPhone screen, giving you the opportunity to frame the images as you see fit. Most of the following will also work perfectly on even a 12.9″ iPad Pro screen.

My favorite of the downloads is listed first. You will see an image by Touann Gatouillat that captures an incredible night sky and the Milky Way galaxy. The blue night sky is picked up in the long exposed passing car lights. Then a contrasting red brake light adds pop to the otherwise darkened image.

To find even more images from these talented artists, visit their personal unsplash profile pages: @Cristofer Maximilian; @Denys Nevozhai; @Gerson Repreza; @Kayle Kaupanger; @Tom Gainor; @Touann Gatouillat Vergos.

You too can influence the Wallpapers of the Week collection by submitting photos, images, or repo locations to me directly via @jim_gresham on Twitter… or “X” or whatever it’s called now. Follow along for mid-week downloads, hot takes on iPhone rumors, and general Apple banter.

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