Dockcase Smart USB-C Hub 10-in-1 Explorer Edition review: Cyber-inspired expansion

It’s the eternal trade off — what’s more important to you, a portable machine, or a ton of handy ports? Whether you went for the former or the latter makes little difference; the computer manufacturers of this world seem to have made the choice for you, opting for ever-slimmer machines at the expense of I/O options.

A handy external dock or hub has become a must-have then, and the latest offering from Seesaw, the futuristic-looking Dockcase Smart 10-in-1 USB-C hub Explorer Edition, is a fine example of why they’re so useful. Stylish and relatively affordable, it’ll quickly earn its spot among your arsenal of MacBook accessories. It is easy to recommend among the best USB-C hubs for MacBook on the market, as well as to anyone looking for a USB-C hub for iPad Pro. It’s just a shame that there wasn’t room for Thunderbolt in the mix here, and that there’s no immediately available way to play about with its key unique feature — its onboard screen.

Dockcase Smart USB-C Hub 10-in-1 Explorer Edition: Price and availability

You can pick up the Dockcase Smart USB-C Hub 10-in-1 Explorer Edition for $159.99, making it one of the pricier USB-C docks on the market. But for good reason at least — its 10 ports provide a good selection of input options, and its screen-fuelled design is unique. But it’s not impossible to find a good alternative for half the price — this is a premium option for sure. At the time of writing, you’ll need to purchase the Explorer Edition dock via Kickstarter, before it goes on general release — it’s already blown right past its funding target.

A see-through USB-C hub with an LED display.

(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future)

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