M3 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac mini coming in Oct.

Apple is apparently developing six different computers that’ll run its upcoming M3 chip, including new M3 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops.

There are also new versions of the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro in the works that will be available with the higher-end M3 Pro and M3 Max chips.

The iMac, Apple’s all-in-one desktop, should get an M3 treatment, too. Apple is also working on an iMac with a screen over 30 inches that’s still in the early stage of development, Gurman reported earlier.

Apple’s M3 Macs rumored to include these models

Based on third-party developer logs shared with Gurman, here are all of the M3-bases Mac computers that Apple has in development:

  • M3 13-inch MacBook Air (codenamed Mac 15,1 and J513/J613)
  • M3 15-inch MacBook Air (codenamed Mac 15,2 and J515/J615)
  • M3 13-inch MacBook Pro (codenamed Mac 15,3 and J504)
  • M3 iMac (codenamed Mac 15,4, Mac 15,5, J433 and J434)
  • M3 Pro and M3 Max 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros (codenamed Mac 15,7, Mac 15,8, J514 and J516)
  • Possible M3 Mac mini (codenamed Mac 15,12)

The MacBook Air will run the entry-level M3 chip with eight compute cores and ten graphics cores, just like the M2 chip. The M3 Pro “comes in a bit stronger than its predecessor” with twelve CPU cores and eighteen graphics cores.

“I estimate that a high-end M3 Max could reach 14 CPU cores and over 40 graphics cores,” Gurman wrote in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter for Bloomberg.

The first M3-based computers from Apple won’t arrive before October, so it sounds like Apple might launch all six M3 Macs this year. Gurman has also learned that an iPhone 15 announcement might happen on September 12 or 13, with the new smartphones going on sale around September 22.

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