Instagram gets new optimized UI on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series

Meta is rolling out a new foldable-optimized Instagram app update for the Galaxy Z Fold devices which fixes the weird aspect ratio and layout seen in previous releases. The updated UI positions the navigation rail with the home, search, new post, Reels, Profile, likes and messages buttons on the left-hand side while your feed is offset to the right. The big deal is that content is now properly scaled for larger form-factor displays with Reels appearing with black bars on the side while Stories, images and the rest of the UI are now much easier to navigate.

Instagram's updated UI on Galaxy Z Fold 5
Instagram's updated UI on Galaxy Z Fold 5

Instagram’s updated UI on Galaxy Z Fold 5

We tested the new Instagram UI on a Galaxy Z Fold5 and reports indicate that the older generation of Z Fold devices are also getting the new layout but the rollout is taking a phased approach. Foldables from other brands like the Google Pixel Fold are yet to receive the new Instagram UI.


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