iPhone 15 Pro schematics may have just broke cover — here are the big design changes they reveal

Given we are just a month out from the launch of iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, many leaks are due to pour in. Though they aren’t always worth watching, a pretty intriguing one just found its way onto Twitter. A leak of the schematics shows the exact specifications of the next phone, complete with measurements. 

With the suggestion of a new charging port, a slightly different mute button, and a thicker frame, the iPhone 15 Pro is shaping up to be an interesting addition to the Apple lineup. 

Apple are making incremental changes

Taking to Twitter, Apple revealer and analyst Majin Bu shared a single image of potential iPhone 15 schematics: and it looks like there are some big changes. Of course, until the iPhone 15 Pro is actually released, we won’t know if these schematics are accurate — although Majin Bu has a solid track record, and these images seem to represent changes we’re already expecting, so there’s a good chance that this is close to what we’re going to get in a few weeks.

a schematic for the iPhone 15 Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

In the schematic, the specific sizes of many areas of the iPhone 15 are revealed.. Though it seems to be a very similar design to the iPhone 14 Pro, we notice a few key differences like the inclusion of the potential action button, replacing the mute button. You can spot this on the left hand side just above the volume buttons.

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