Saudi Arabia mandates all electronic devices to use USB-C charging ports from 2025

Saudi Arabia announced a law to standardize charging ports for all electronic devices – all devices must have USB-C, with the first stage set to begin on January 1, 2025. Government spokespeople said this aims to improve user experience, reduce costs and e-waste, and also allow high-quality data transfers.

Saudi Arabia declares all devices must have USB-C charging ports from 2025

The decision comes from the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization and the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission. The first stage is for mobile phones and electronic devices such as headphones, keyboards, speakers, routers, etc.

There is a second stage, starting from April 1, 2026, which will apply to laptops and portable computers.

According to the organizations, consumers will save SAR 170 million (about $45 million) and reduce usage of chargers by more than 2.2 million units annually.


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