Android might be getting Apple Music’s iOS 17 redesign

Apple Music is perhaps one of the most easy to access apps that Apple runs, given that it’s available on all major platforms. Interestingly, it also gets all the same updates, no matter the platform you’re using — and it looks like the version we’ve been playing with in the iOS 17 Beta is coming to Android users as well.

Apple Music’s New Look going beyond iPhone

Apple Music becomes arguably prettier and prettier each year, and this new update for iOS 17 makes it even nicer to look at. The now playing screen has received the most attention, with a large, display-covering image of the album artwork, along with some truly stunning live artwork depending on what you’re listening to. It’s a lovely update to an already attractive app, and Android users can use it too.

Also coming to Apple Music, and by the looks of things the Android version too, are some of the new features that have come in the most recent version of the iOS 17 Beta 3. There’s a new song credits section in the app, brought over from Apple Music Classical. It tells you more details about the music you’re listening to, with information about the song, the artist, the album, and even the songwriters and producers.

Apple Music

(Image credit: Future)

The new credits feature is easily accessible through the three dots menu and then by hitting the View Credits button — and excitingly for the audio weirdos amongst us, it will also tell you if the track is available in Lossless and Dolby Atmos Spatial audio. This is coming to the Android version of the app likely when iOS 17 launches for the public, and out of Beta.

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