Finding new bangers with Apple Music is about to get much easier

Apple Music is a very good music streaming app, but it does lag slightly behind its competitors when it comes to music discovery. Now, however, Apple has added a new feature called ‘Discovery Station’, and it aims to help you find more tracks that you might like. We’ve given it a spin — here’s our first thoughts on the new feature.

A new way to find tunes

Apple Music

(Image credit: Future)

Discovery Station acts as a way for you to find new music that you might like, linked to the music that you already have in your library. That means if you listen to a lot of Lana Del Rey, you’ll get more music that sounds like Lana Del Rey. Have a lot of Metallica in your library? Then it will show you loads of thrash metal, so that you can find all the angry, cathartic loudness you need.

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