New Apple Watch band with magnetic buckle could launch this fall

Apple has been tipped to release a new band with a magnetic buckle alongside the next Apple Watch models coming this fall.

Apple Watch with Modern Buckle leather band
The Modern Buckle is unavailable for large case sizes | Image: Apple

A source said it will apparently be made from woven fabric materials and feature a magnetic buckle similar to Apple’s Modern Buckle band.

The source, known as Kosutami on X, didn’t say whether the new band will be compatible with the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 or Apple Watch Ultra.

A new magnetic band option coming to the Apple Watch

From the source’s post on X, it doesn’t sound like this new band will require a new strap mechanism on the Apple Watch. Since its inception, the Apple Watch has used the exact same band-release mechanism that helped create an ecosystem of interchangeable bands for all Apple Watch models.

Apple should announce the next Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra models alongside the iPhone 15 family on September 12, 2023. The devices should run faster thanks to the upcoming Apple S9 chip and be available in two new finishes: pink aluminum and black titanium.

About the Modern Buckle Apple Watch band

The Modern Buckle consists of two magnetic pieces that resemble a solid buckle. The $149 Modern Buckle leather band arrived alongside the original Apple Watch in 2014 but is only available for the smaller 41mm case size.

Apple Online Store:

A small French tannery established in 1803 produces the supple Granada leather for this elegant band. The smooth top-grain leather is lightly milled and tumbled to maintain its refined texture. What looks like a solid buckle is actually a two-piece magnetic closure that’s delightfully simple to secure. We also added an inner layer of Vectran weave for strength and stretch resistance. It’s the same material NASA used to make the landing airbags for the Mars rover spacecraft.

Needless to say, the Modern Buckle leather band isn’t water-resistant. And because it contains magnets, Apple cautions that this band may cause interference with the Compass app in watchOS. It’s available in three colors: Umber, Ink and Azure.

Apple’s own bands have excellent build quality and premium materials, which makes them expensive. Comparable third-party bands are often much more affordable and may delight you with creative designs, such as Nomad’s new limited edition take on the popular sport band which glows in the dark.

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