UGreen 145W power bank review: 25,000mAh juice for a MacBook and multiple iPhones

Ah, the portable powerbank — the often-overlooked workhouse of the tech-fiends arsenal. A good powerbank is there when you need it, ready to recharge your faltering devices, and forgotten when you don’t, slipping discreetly into a drawer or bag until its next assignment.

Though the UGreen 145W power bank is unassuming in its gray-shelled design, it’s powerful in its primary task of keeping your iPhone, MacBook or iPad juiced up. With a giant 25,000mAh capacity and fast-charging capabilities, it’ll get multiple devices back in action quickly. But it’s also large, and comes at a premium in line with its performance. If such a thing as a high-end battery pack exists, this would be one, meaning it’s best suited to a die-hard subset of gadget addicts.

It’s excellent — but do you need it? Read on to find out.

UGreen 145W power bank on a cutting matt and grass

(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future)

UGreen 145W power bank: Price and availability

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