Valve now offers certified refurbished Steam Deck devices

Valve has started selling certified refurbished versions of the Steam Deck console. The obvious advantage is that they are cheaper than buying new but with the same quality level, minus a few scuffs.

The Steam Deck units go through a stringent testing process, which is the same as that for new units. Each device gets a factory reset, software update, and an extensive examination with over 100 tests.

Valve now offers certified refurbished Steam Deck devices

Valve claims the refurbished units meet or even exceed the performance standards of new retail units. They may, however, have minor cosmetic blemishes from their former owners.

The refurbished unit will come with a full one-year warranty, same as a new unit, a refurbished charger, a carrying case and a quick start guide.

Prices for the refurbished units are $319 for the 64GB model, $419 for the 256GB model, and $519 for the 512GB model. These are $80, $110, and $130 cheaper than new retail units, respectively.

That’s a fair bit of saving for a device that should theoretically be just as good as a new unit. In fact, since it has gone through testing twice, it should be even better, hence Valve’s claim of exceeding the performance of a new unit.

The refurbished units will be available in limited units from Valve’s website and GameStop stores for GameStop Pro subscribers.

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