As rival streamers introduce ad-supported tiers, is Apple TV Plus missing a trick?

Disney Plus will bring a new ad-supported subscription option to several countries across Europe from November 1, 2023, after launching the ad tier in the US in November 2022. This means that Apple TV Plus is the only major streaming service not offering a more affordable ad tier.

Netflix has a « Basic with ads » tier at $6.99 a month (its premium tier with 4K streaming and no ads costs $19.99), and even Amazon Prime has its free-to-view-with-ads channels baked into its interface. But for Apple TV Plus fans hoping to catch Severance season 2 when it arrives, the one-size-fits-all $6.99 a month option is all that’s available. It’s affordable compared to the competition, but it’s also in line with the dramatically smaller catalogue of shows and movies Apple’s exclusives-only library offers. 

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