Disney+ and Hulu are jacking up prices of no-ads subscriptions

Disney+ and Hulu are about to raise the price of no-ads subscription tiers while introducing a new Duo combo offering at $20/month to help ease the blow.

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The Disney+ Premium subscription will go from $11/month to $14/month. This tier lets you stream shows without advertising and download content for offline viewing. Also, Hulu’s $15/month no-ads plan will soon run $18/month.

The new prices will go into effect on October 12, 2023.

Meanwhile, the ad-supported subscriptions will remain $8/month each at Disney+ and Hulu. The Mickey Mouse company is also introducing a new Duo tier that will bundle both subscriptions in exchange for $20/month.

Disney+ and Hulu raise prices of no-ads subscriptions

If you’re already subscribed to the no-ads Disney+ Premium tier, you’ll remain on this plan after the price increase unless you manually switch to another plan. For information about the Disney+ plans and pricing, visit this help article.

Hulu pricing and plans are available in the Hulu Help Center.

According to Disney’s announcement, US subscribers will have access to the upcoming $20/month Duo Premium bundle with Disney+ Premium and Hulu (No Ads) from September 6, 2023.

The Disney Bundle Trio Premium, which includes no-ads Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ access, will go from $20/month to $25/month. The ad-supported Hulu with Live TV tier is rising to $78, with its ad-free version increasing in price from $83 to $90.

Table listing new Disney+ and Hulu subscription tiers and prices
*Effective as of October 12; ^Available beginning September 6 | Table: Disney

On top of that, Disney is launching a new Standard tier and expanding its Standard with Ads subscription in select EMEA markets and Canada. The new ad-supported plans start at £5/€6/month in EMEA and $8/month in Canada and will become available beginning November 1.

The Disney+ Basic with Ads, which debuted in the US in 2022, stays at $8/month.

Looks like Disney+ will be following in Netflix’s footsteps in terms of cracking down on password sharing. According to CEO Bob Iger, Disney is “actively exploring ways to address account sharing,” adding the number of people sharing passwords across Disney’s services is “significant.”

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