Apple TV Plus thriller Hijack lands top spot in streaming

Apple TV+ thriller Hijack has managed to claim the top spot in TV streaming, now that all episodes have finally launched on Apple’s service. Hijack, with a big name attached like Idris Elba, was expected to make a bit of a splash when it landed on Apple TV. Originally premiering on June 28, 2023. Great initial critic scores don’t always translate to big viewer figures but Hijack seems to have nailed both. 

Being a bit of a throwback to ‘90s action movies, Hijack places Idris Elba in a plane from Dubai to London, who must end a negotiation with hijackers before it lands. It’s a tense 7 episode-long watch that takes you through the entire flight. With one release each week, viewers had to wait over a month to see it all. 

It’s a ReelGood show

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