Our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 video review is up

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold5 to much fanfare late last month, and last week we published our full in-depth review of it. Today, it’s time to condense all of the information available in the written review into a twelve-minute video. That’s right, our video review of Samsung’s latest and greatest ‘big’ / horizontal-style foldable is finally fully baked and out of the oven.

So grab yourself some popcorn (or another snack of your choosing), perhaps a nice beverage too, and hit Play below to see the Fold5 in all its glory, from all possible angles.

You won’t just see it – you’ll also learn all about its main points. As usual, you’ll find out about its top features, the build quality, the screens, performance, battery life, and camera quality. It’s great to finally see Samsung join the #nohingegap party. Better late than never, right?

If the video review has whet your appetite for some more Galaxy Z Fold5-related content, then the next logical step is to read our comprehensive review. You’ll find many more details in there, more than the video can cover in such a short amount of time.

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