Adobe Express web app with Firefly launches, mobile version soon

Adobe Express with the generative AI tool Firefly is out of beta and has launched online, with a mobile version in the works and coming soon.

Adobe Express with Firefly
AI-based creation with Express | Image: Adobe

The Adobe Express with Firefly is now available worldwide as a web app at It’s free to use and runs in a web browser without having to install anything. While you do need an Adobe ID to use Adobe Express with Firefly on the web, you don’t have to be a Creative Cloud subscriber.

“These new AI-driven features are available now on desktop web,” reads Adobe’s press release, “with plans to bring the latest version of Express to mobile soon.”

Adobe Express with Firefly launches online

Using Firefly, Express users can generate high-quality images, create text effects, streamline workflows and more with simple prompts. The company plans to bring Adobe Express with Firefly to mobile “soon.”

Using Firefly for text to image in Adobe Express
Creating clouds with an AI prompt | Image: Adobe

Adobe Express is an excellent all-in-one piece of software designed to let anyone create engaging social media posts, cool videos, pretty images, as well as professional-looking PDFs, flyers, logos and more.

Why Firefly matters

Firefly is Adobe’s generative AI that supports prompts in over 100 languages. Aside from powering smart features in Adobe Express, Firefly is also responsible for Generative Expand, Adobe Photoshop’s magical new tool, restoration filter, background removal and content-aware fill.

Firefly can even automatically recolor your vectors, with many other AI-driven capabilities under development or in beta testing.

In fact, the company has promised new AI-powered innovations across image creation, design, video, audio, PDFs and more. To test upcoming Firefly features before release, sign up for the beta at

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