Google’s generative AI search arrives on iPhone, but is that a good thing?

Google is bringing its new AI engine to the iPhone, as it makes it quicker to search than ever before. The latest in an ever-growing list of massive tech corporations to throw its hat in the ring, Google could well be the implementation that changes the internet more than anything else.

In an effort to make the search easier, Google recently announced its AI-powered Search experience, SGE, which brings together search results to try and summarize them for quick reading at the top of a search results page. While this could make getting through loads of results faster, it could also have long-lasting effects on internet content consumption and by extension creation as a whole. This week, Google has brought some new upgrades to the service and has introduced it to the Google app on iPhone. 

Google brings generative AI to search

Google search bar

(Image credit: Google)

“Learn as you search,” says the Google press release, penned by Rany Ng, VP of product management and search at Google. It seems the company wants to bring the latest advancements in AI to the search window which we all use every day to find out about topics we’re passionate about — or even just when we’re trying to work out how to take a screenshot on Mac.

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