How to choose a desktop Mac

You might have a few questions when considering how to choose a desktop Mac as a student. After all, Apple’s MacBooks are understandably popular on campus given that they marry portability with power. Why would you want a static desktop Mac instead?

Well, there are several reasons, and we’ll dive into them in this article. We’ll also examine each desktop Mac that Apple offers, explaining why you might want to buy one for your studies instead of an Apple laptop. By the end, you should have a better idea of which Mac is right for you and why you might forgo a MacBook in place of a desktop alternative.

Why choose a desktop over a laptop?

A lady using a Mac studio at a desk

(Image credit: Apple)

There are several reasons you might consider a desktop Mac instead of a MacBook. For one thing, you often get much more power. When portability isn’t a concern, Apple is able to build more performant components into its desktop Macs. The beefiest chip you’ll get in a MacBook is the M2 Max, for example, while some desktops come equipped with the supercharged M2 Ultra.

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