Misaka package manager for MacDirtyCow & kfd exploits updated to v2.0.4 beta

The Misaka package manager app for the MacDirtyCow exploit for iOS & iPadOS 15.0-16.1.2 and the kfd exploit for iOS & iPadOS 16.2-16.5 received another update on Thursday, originally bringing it up to version 2.0.4 beta.

Misaka v2.0.4 beta.

The update was first announced via the Misaka Discord server, where the updated .ipa file was uploaded for users to download and a list of changes was published.

Citing the change log, we can gather that Misaka version 2.0.4 beta introduces the following changes:

1. Config now have preset option (dev only)
2. Add reset tweak settings
3. Fixed a crash problem in palette setting screen in kfd
4. Recommended page has been renew
5. Semi-unsandbox for kfd users (can view file in /var but don’t have root access to edit)
6. File manager now supports copying paths
7. kfd exploit improvement (less panic than before)

The Misaka package manager app works a lot like Sileo or Cydia on a jailbroken device in that it lets users search for and install add-ons, but it doesn’t require a jailbreak to use. Instead, it lets you find and install add-ons that work with the MacDirtyCow and kfd exploits.

That said, if you’re already jailbroken, you can still install Misaka as long as you have a supported firmware. It’s also worth noting that Misaka can be installed on the latest devices, assuming they run a supported firmware.

Existing Misaka users will be prompted to update to the latest version as soon as they launch the app. Anyone who has never used Misaka before, and would like to, can learn more about the process in our full walkthrough post.

Have you updated to the latest version of the Misaka package manager app yet? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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