Nomad launches powerful 130W triple-port USB-C power adapter

Whether you’re someone who has a 15-inch MacBook Pro computer or you just need a lot of Power Delivery volume to keep all your USB-C devices charged up, our friends at Nomad have just the solution.

Nomad 130W power adapter side view.

Enter Nomad’s all-new 130W USB-C Power Adapter, which the company says is their most powerful charger yet.

Boasting three independent USB-C ports, each port is capable of supplying 100W of power when used on their own. However, if you use more than one port, then the power supply gets more interesting:

  • When using the top high-speed port and either bottom port, the top one supplies 100W and the middle and bottom ports supply 30W.
  • When using the middle and bottom ports, each one supplies 65W.
  • When using all three ports, the top port supplies 70W, and the middle and bottom ports supply 30W each.

So how does the unit know how to regulate this power? It’s an intelligent system that Nomad calls ProCharge Power, and it handles everything in the background while you only worry about plugging your devices in.

Nomad 130W power adapter rear view.

While it’s worth noting that none of the ports on this charger supply the full 130W of power to compare with Apple’s 140W power adapter for the MacBook Pro, it’s also just as important to mention that Apple’s charger doesn’t have more than one port. 100W is plenty fast, and if you have more devices that need charging, then Nomad’s new charger will be of help.

As a fun fact, Nomad’s size comparison charge shows that their 130W power adapter is even smaller and more compact than Apple’s 140W version:

Nomad 130W power adapter size comparison.

As you might’ve also noticed, the power adapter’s electrical prongs fold up neatly into the unit for storage.

If you’re interested in leveling up your charging equipment with one of Nomad’s slick new 130W power adapters, then you can head over to Nomad’s website where you can acquire one for $110.

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