Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 being tested, has a 50MP primary camera

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 unveiled last month comes with the same 12MP primary camera used by the Korean brand on last year’s Flip4. However, if Dutch publication GalaxyClub is to be believed, next year’s Galaxy Z Flip6 could finally get a much-awaited camera upgrade.

The publication claims that Samsung has begun testing the Galaxy Z Flip6’s prototypes with a 50MP primary camera, which will prove to be a massive upgrade over the Flip5’s 12MP unit if Samsung decides to go ahead with the high-res camera.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 (left) with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 (right)Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 (left) with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 (right)

The source didn’t divulge any details about this 50MP sensor, nor did it provide any information about other cameras on the Flip6. However, the publication revealed that the Galaxy Z Flip6 is codenamed B6, while the Galaxy Z Fold6 is codenamed Q6.

The Galaxy Z Flip6 and Galaxy Z Fold6 are still about a year from the launch, so it’s best to take these early rumors with a pinch of salt and wait for the information to be corroborated by multiple sources. In the meantime, you can read our Galaxy Z Flip5 review here and Galaxy Z Fold5 review here to learn more about them.

Source (in Dutch)

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