Satechi’s new Dual Dock Stand features several I/O ports and a built-in NVMe SSD enclosure

For people who require all-in-one solutions when it comes to organizing their desk space, Satechi’s brand-new docking station with a built-in NVMe solid state drive enclosure lends high hopes.

Satechi Dual Dock Stand.

Designed with Apple MacBook computers in mind with its space gray and black aesthetics, but also fully compatible with Windows-based USB-C-equipped laptops, Satechi’s Dual Dock Stand provides handy I/O and a built-in storage slot so you can easily expand your computer’s storage capabilities without needing to plug in a separate external drive.

This Dock connects to your computer with two USB-C ports and provides the following I/O on  the rear so that you can connect any devices you may need:

  • USB-C power
  • USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 10 Gb/s
  • USB-C 5 Gb/a
  • 2x HDMI 4K@60hz
  • DisplayPort 4K@60hz
  • USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 10 Gb/s
  • USB-A 5 Gb/s
  • Ethernet

The built-in NVMe solid state drive slot also means that you can attach whatever size SSD that you can afford. There are several multi-terabyte options from reputable brands that can be had from Amazon on the cheap.

Also awesome about Satechi’s Dual Dock Stand is that it provides 100W power delivery to the connected machine when powered via the USB-C power port and that it allows users to help creatives connect multiple displays to enjoy more screen real estate.

Another benefit to Satechi’s Dual Dock Stand is how it rests your laptop at an angle that helps with the computer’s heat dissipation. Even the Dock itself features vents that can help cool it while under load.

Satechi Dual Dock Stand I/O.

If you’re interested in the Satechi Dual Dock Stand, then you can acquire one from Satechi’s website. The Dual Dock Stand normally retails for $149.99, but with the NMVE20 coupon code applied at checkout until August 24th, you can bring the price down to just $119.99.

What are your thoughts regarding Satechi’s new Dual Dock Stand? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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