Spark for iPhone can now use AI to summarize long emails

Readdle Spark for iPhone, iPad and Mac has gained a new AI-powered feature for summarizing long emails that you don’t have time to read thoroughly.

Marketing image promoting AI-powered email summaries in the Spark app
Life is too short for too long emails | Image: Readdle

Called +AI Summary, it distills long emails and threads to their essence. If you’ve ever used ChatGTP, you know how this works. AI+ Summary extracts the most important information, actionable items and key takeaways from an email message.

You can also set your preferred summary style. Aside from making it easier to sift through long threads, the Summary feature also works great with newsletters, sales and PR pitches, recruitment drives and customer support, the company has it.

AI+ Summary is available in Spark for macOS, iOS, iPadOS and Android.

How to choose email summary style in Readdle Spark

To use the Summary feature, click the +AI prompts in the top-right corner of the mail compose window and choose from the below options, then hit Generate Summary.

Choosing a summary style in Spark for iPad
You can set your preferred summary style | Image: Readdle

You can choose between these summarization options:

  • Short: Generate a brief summary of 1-2 paragraphs.
  • Detailed: A detailed overview with multiple information points.
  • Action Points: See your action points in one place to know what to do next.

For further information, visit Readdle’s website.

How to download Spark for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Spark is available to download for free on the iPhone, iPad and Mac, with a premium subscription available to unlock the advanced features.

Email summary example in Spark for iPad
The Short setting generates a 1-2 paragraphs summary | Image: Readdle

+AI Summary is one of those paid features, but you can always try it without obligation to see how it works, thanks to Spark’s 7-day free trial.

View Spark for iOS and iPadOS on the App Store

View Spark for macOS on the App Store

Spark requires an iPhone with iOS 15.0 or later, an iPad with iPadOS 15.0 or later or a Mac with macOS 10.13 or later. Spark’s productivity features that help save your time and let you collaborate with others include email templates, email delegation, recalling sent emails, email links, smart inboxes and smart folders, etc.

Other AI-powered features in Spark

The Ukrainian developer previously brought AI-powered features to help you compose new messages quickly. Just click Generate a Draft, add some context (like a meeting at 10am) and Spark +AI will generate a draft for you.

The Readdle blog:

Imagine you receive an email from a recruiter and use a quick +AI reply to respond with “Interested.” You want to add just a bit more context to your response and click on the “Rephrase with Prompt” option. +AI generates a newly phrased response based on the email you are responding to with the context provided.

Clicking Rephrase will create alternate wording, and you can adjust the tone of writing between formal and friendly. You can also proofread emails with this feature. And with another feature, dubbed Quick AI, Spark’s AI can generate a draft reply for you. All you need to do is pick Interested, Not Interested or Thanks.

How Spark’s AI uses my data?

Because these features transfer information to OpenAI, including any personal data found within the email body), Readdle has updated its privacy policy and terms of service with the sole purpose of providing you with Spark +AI functionality.

Readdle says that it doesn’t use your data to train its or OpenAI’s models.

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