YouTube Music for Wear OS gets a confusing new update

YouTube Music for Wear OS just received a new update and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. It does fix a long-standing issue when browsing tracks in albums, but it also introduces an interesting solution to playing order, to put it mildly.

The new version 6.15 now allows you to browse individual tracks within an album and adds a blurry album art in the background. The former was previously impossible and you could only play an entire album and you were forced to skip each track manually until you find the right one.

The new interface
The new interface

The new interface

And while this change is more than welcome, Google had the weirdest idea to replace the default play button with the shuffle button when opening an album. Also, when you tap on a specific song within the album, the next one on the queue is completely random. The app just starts a song radio. You get some, you lose some, it seems.


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