Apple Vision Pro headset wallpaper for iPhone

We are still waiting for the future of Spatial Computing, when Apple launches the newest generation in hardware, Apple Vision Pro. The headset is one of the most anticipated devices since the Apple Watch launched almost a decade ago. There is much intrigue in the device and it is only available, at the moment, to approved developers with on-site appointments in a handful of locations around the world. Capture the hardware beauty in these wallpapers for iPhone.

Apple Vision Pro wallpaper

Apple is hoping to “seamlessly blend digital content with your physical space,” in this mixed reality system. Combining a brand new OS with the hardware, Apple Vision Pro leaps the nearest competition, at least according to early on-site reviews at the hardware launch. Comments were nothing less than thirst tweets for the incredible blended OS experience. Only some commented on the weight of the device after wearing it for approximately 30 minutes.

The device utilizes a curved glass panel on the outside, which marries to a curved aluminum headset, similar to the feel of a MacBook. A customizable mesh light filter presses against the face and a stretch band holds everything in place. The battery back is a separate unit to keep weight at a minimum, but appears small in size, hopefully easily fitting in a pants pocket.

iDB Wallpapers of the Week regular featured artist @AR72014 put together the following images. In these Apple Vision Pro wallpapers for iPhone, he captures the incredible fit and finish.

If you are a fan of the Apple Vision Pro wallpapers, then check out even more curated wallpapers by AR72014 in his iDB gallery.

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