15-inch MacBook Air is the ’Best Apple device of the year’ winner of the iMore Readers’ Choice Awards 2023

After collecting the votes of more than 1,000 iMore readers, we’re today sharing the winners of the iMore Readers’ Choice Awards 2023. And the next winner is…

Best Apple device of the year: 15-inch MacBook Air

It’s the MacBook that no-one knew they wanted, with it’s slim frame and large display. We gave the MacBook Air with 15-inch screen five stars in our review, and if you ever get to use one, you’ll soon see why. It’s a lovely machine that balances size and portability, giving you a bit of extra space for your work while still being super easy to slip into a bag. It’s not too much more expensive than the normal, 13-inch version either, so it’s no great surprise that it netted best Apple device of the year with our audience.

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