Apple Vision Pro could include 1TB of storage

At least one Vision Pro model could ship with one terabyte of onboard SSD storage, with Apple possibly offering additional models with more or less storage.

Tim Cook at Steve Jobs Theater standing next to Vision Pro
Tim Cook after the Vision Pro unveiling | Image: Apple

French publication iPhoneSoft heard this interesting bit from one of the attendees of Apple’s WWDC developer sessions. The amount of storage is displayed in the General section of the Settings app in visionOS, just as with the iPhone and iPad.

Apple Vision Pro could include 1TB of storage

This isn’t a definitive clue that the Vision Pro version to be sold to customers in early 2024 will indeed ship with 1TB of onboard storage. The Vision Pro that Apple showed at WWDC and demoed in private sessions to developers is still a prototype.

No further information is available, so we don’t know whether there are other Vision Pro models offering less or more storage than one terabyte. The iPhone 14 lineup, for example, comes in the 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB versions.

Theoretically, the company could offer multiple Vision Pro storage tiers, like 512GB or 256GB. And if there are enterprise versions of the Vision Pro planned, those could easily offer models that go beyond 1TB.

How much storage should the Vision Pro offer?

Apple has traditionally used storage to sell iPhones and other products at a flexible range of prices, and the Vision Pro shouldn’t deviate from that practice.

Vision Pro users will need as much storage as they can get.

Spatial videos, for example, use stereoscopic imaging which requires extra storage as a different video is delivered to each eye to trick your brain into perceiving depth, which increases storage consumption. As with other devices, users will also install apps on the Vision Pro, sync their media and data with iCloud, manage files, etc.

Apple is already working on a more affordable Vision Pro model, which might ship with less storage than the version of the headset demoed at the WWDC23.

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