Popular iota Snapchat jailbreak tweak updated to v3.0, unlocks powerful in-app capabilities

Snapchat is still one of the most popular social apps today, used by many to share exciting photos and videos with others in a fast-paced chat-style environment. But most users would agree that the platform is missing important features or capabilities, which is why there are so many Snapchat add-ons out there.

iota banner.

While we do need to put out the disclaimer that Snapchat users should exercise using jailbreak tweaks and add-ons with extreme caution due to the platform’s hostile responses to using such software, including but not limited to account bans, one jailbreak tweak called iota seems to be receiving lots of positive attention lately.

As it would seem, iota was recently updated to version 3.0 and continues to receive regular updates from the project’s developer, objc_msgsend. In the screenshot examples above, you can see just some of the ways that the tweak can customize your Snapchat app user experience. Among those are:

  • Reading chats without marking them as read
  • Hiding Bitmoji presence
  • Prevent the recipient from knowing when you’re typing
  • Automatically save all chats
  • Configure a second-based delay for saving chats
  • Enable uploading audio-based voice notes
  • Automatically save audio notes
  • Keep snaps that are sent or received
  • Confirm calls before allowing them through
  • Show an overlay button to upload media from your Photo Library
  • Enable uploads that are longer than 10 seconds
  • Configure whether media gets saved to your Photo Library or to a certain folder
  • Use Filza to view the saved media folder
  • Use Filza to view the saved audio folder
  • Keep to the next snap when marked as seen
  • Mark all non-friends Stories as seen
  • Use a button to manually mark snaps as seen or unseen
  • Use a button to manually mark stories as seen or unseen
  • And so much more…

iota preference pane.

It’s worth noting that iota is based on a Discord server subscription and that the price varies depending on whether you subscribe from a desktop or from the app. The developer recommends using your desktop, as it’s cheaper. You also reportedly don’t need to stay subscribed for more than a month, however deleting and wiping Snapchat data from your device would require you to start a new subscription if you re-added the tweak later.

While this is a bit of an unconventional way to sell a jailbreak tweak, it’s worth noting that many repositories are hesitant to host Snapchat-esque jailbreak tweaks because of the platform’s often harsh punishments for getting caught using them. On the other hand, there appear to be several testimonials of users taking advantage of iota without being caught, so you can try this tweak at your own risk if you’re comfortable with the potential ramifications.

If you’re not already using iota, then you can join the project’s Discord server where you will find a version of ElleKit tweak injection that works with the tweak, as well as the following repository that you can add to your package manager to download and install iota:


Iota supports jailbroken iOS 15 and 16 devices, including rootless jailbreaks such as Dopamine and palera1n.

Are you planning to try iota? Be sure to let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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