iPhone 15’s braided charging cable could grow from 1 to 1.5 meters

Apple will switch from Lightning to USB-C starting with the iPhone 15, and the upcoming smartphones should come with a fifty percent longer charging cable.

Instead of a one-meter cable, iPhone 15 buyers should find a 1.5-meter one in the box. In the imperial measurement system, that’s going from 3.28 feet to 4.92 feet.

If true, this will be the first time Apple has bundled an iPhone with a charging cable longer than one meter. At long last, wall huggers who can’t resist using their iPhones even while anchored to the wall and charging will have an easier time!

iPhone 15 to come with a longer 1.5-meter charging cable?

Lakers @KosutamiSan and @MajinBuOfficial have shared purported images of Apple’s supposed 1.5-meter charging cables. They appear sturdier and are said to feature a braided exterior to increase mechanical strength and flex life.

However, it’s unclear from the images if those are cables that Apple might offer separately or include in the iPhone 15 box. At any rate, Apple will probably need to redesign the interior packaging to fit a longer, thicker cable in the box.

The same sources also said that the iPhone 15 models may support faster fast charging up to 35 watts. Keep in mind that it’s possible that what we see here are charging cables for future iPads or MacBooks.

Apple isn’t known for great build quality of the Lightning cables—small wonder companies like Satechi and Anker offer cables of much higher quality.

Rubberized or braided?

Lightning cables bundled with iPhones are notorious for fraying and breaking at the connector side.  In contrast, braided cables are strengthened for durability and also protect from electromagnetic interference.

A photograph focused on Apple's Lightning to USB-C cable being held in front of the camera, with an iPhone laid on a table blurred out in the background
This will soon become obsolete | Image: Jeff Benjamin/iDB

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell from these images if Apple’s cables feature EMI shielding until someone tears one apart. The leakers on their part confirmed that the cables feature reinforcement below the plastic connector.

iPhones currently ship with a white one-meter USB-C to Lightning charging cable. If the rumors are anything to go by, all upcoming iPhone 15 models will come with a color-matched USB-C to USB-C cable, braided and 1.5 meters long.

And no matter how you look at it, that’s a good thing because braided cables are much more durable than the rubberized Lighting cables you get from Apple.

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