Alogic Clarity Pro touch: Making Macs all touchy-feely

Excellent monitors for creators aren’t hard to come by these days, with loads of great options for those looking for a clear, sharp, and color-accurate display. For one, there’s the Apple Studio display, the monitor that everyone making monitors for Mac looks to supersede — a 27-inch 5K panel that’s covered in glass and aluminum.

The Alogic Clarity Pro touch is designed to give the kind of performance for a fraction of the cost (or at least a couple of fractions). But how good is this new competitor, and what more does it bring to the table?

Alogic Clarity Pro Touch: Price and availability

Alogic Pro touch

(Image credit: Future/ Alogic/ Apple)

The Clarity Pro touch is available for $999 — not a small amount of money, but when you consider the competition and the price they sell for, it feels a lot more reasonable. There are other options too, and we reckon the real sweet spot is the base model Clarity. That monitor costs $699, and while there’s no touch screen or pop-up video camera, it has the same excellent panel as this display for almost a grand less than the Apple Studio display.

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