Brilliant touchscreen panel makes any home ready for HomeKit smart devices

HomeKit and smart home systems are very cool, but often you’re left controlling everything either with your iPhone 14 across multiple apps, or with Siri voice commands that can sometimes be temperamental.

There are some impressive bespoke systems that you can buy with touchscreens in every room that control aspects of your smart home setup, but those often need fitting in your house, and wiring in. They’re expensive, and if you’re a renter, they’re intrusive and impossible to wrangle around a landlord. Thanks to smart home specialists Brilliant, however, it looks like getting a wall-mounted touchscreen controller has never been easier than with its new Plug-in Panel.

Control your house with a touch screen

Brilliant has a long legacy of excellent smart home control units, and this new touchscreen model is its most powerful controller yet. With an easy-to-fit design that’s perfect for those with older houses, it’ll fit even renting lifestyles — you can mount it on any wall, and plug it into any outlet without the need to connect it to your internal electrical wiring system.

Brilliant Plug-in Panel

(Image credit: Brilliant)

Once you’ve got it mounted on a wall and plugged in, it will connect to Wi-Fi and pair with all the smart home kit that you’ve got dotted around the house. That includes support for HomeKit devices, so all your accessories that work with Siri and your HomePods are going to be detected.

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