Customize your iPhone or iPad’s Lock Screen with the Souvenir jailbreak tweak

If you’re interested in leveling up your Lock Screen’s customization options, then you might want to take a closer look at a new jailbreak tweak called Souvenir by iOS developer eliofeghali.

Souvenir examples.

While there has been absolutely no shortage of jailbreaks tweak releases in recent memory that allow users to customize their Lock Screens, Souvenir has a particularly impressive number of options under its belt that gives users what feels like a little bit more.

As you can see in the screenshot examples above and below, Souvenir works great with both notched and Home Button-equipped handsets, and offers a slew of ways to give your Lock Screen more personality.

More Souvenir examples.

Designed especially for jailbroken iOS 14 and 15 devices, Souvenir makes it possible to enjoy iOS 16-like customizations in addition to other things that even stock iOS 16 users aren’t able to take advantage of. We’ll touch more on what you can do with the tweak when we delve into the options below.

Once installed, users will find a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app where they can toggle the tweak on or off on demand and then configure a settings for both light and dark modes independently of one another, which each one taking effect depending on the current mode of your device:

Souvenir preference pane.

When diving into either the light or dark mode-centric preference panes, users will find the following options to trick out their Lock Screens:

Souvenir options.

  • Choose an alignment style for Lock Screen interface elements:
  • Hide elements from the Lock Screen:
    • Time
    • Date
    • Timer
    • Lock icon
    • Focus icon
  • Configure custom colors:
    • Time
    • Date
    • Timer
    • Lock icon
  • Choose and manage custom fonts:
  • Enable and manage custom languages
  • Configure the time format
  • Configure the date format
  • Enable and configure an Android-style time layout:
    • Enable Android 12 time style
    • Adjust the space between the two lines with a slider
    • Choose between 12 or 24-hour time
    • Configure the hour color
    • Configure the minutes color
  • Configure custom sizes:
    • Customize time size via a slider
    • Customize date size via a slider
    • Customize timer size via a slider
  • Configure relative X coordinates:
    • Enable and configure relative time X via a slider
    • Enable and configure relative date X via a slider
    • Enable and configure relative timer X via a slider
    • Enable and configure relative lock icon X via a slider
  • Configure custom Y coordinates:
    • Enable and configure custom time Y via a slider
    • Enable and configure custom date Y via a slider
    • Enable and configure custom timer Y via a slider
    • Enable and configure custom lock icon Y via a slider
  • Enable and configure custom Focus icon X via a slider

According to the developer, all these Lock Screen customization options are available with both iPhone and iPad whether your jailbreak is rootless or rootful, and perhaps more important, it plays nicely with other Lock Screen jailbreak tweaks such as Exiwall, ChromaFlow, Enchant, Velvet, Velvet 2, Hometime, Satellite, and others.

Anyone interested in giving the new Souvenir jailbreak tweak a try can purchase it for $1.49 from the Havoc repositoryvia their favorite package manager app. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS & iPadOS 14 and 15 devices.

Do you plan to customize your jailbroken device’s Lock Screen with Souvenir? Let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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