Intel 14th Gen leak suggests modest generational improvements

A leaked training video from MSI has revealed information regarding Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen Core processors. The video has since been hidden but not before the relevant information had already been spotted and shared.

Intel 14th Gen leak suggests modest generational improvements

The relevant slide in the video compares Intel’s current Core i3-13600K, Core i7-13700K, and Core i9-13900K being compared to the next generation Core i3-14600K, Core i7-14700K, and Core i9-14900K. While the i3 and i9 models maintain their core configuration, the i7 model gets four additional E-cores.

According to MSI, this results in 17% improvement in average performance on the i7 in multithreaded applications. However, things are much less impressive for other parts, which more or less just get a minor clock bump. This, according to MSI, will result in an average performance boost of around 3% compared to the previous generation. These numbers are in line with previous leaked benchmark results.

Intel 14th Gen leak suggests modest generational improvements

The reason for this is well-known at this point, as the Intel 14th Gen, also known as Raptor Lake-S Refresh, is simply the 13th Gen Raptor Lake-S architecture with increase to the clock speed and, in some cases, E-core counts and cache. As an upside, the 14th gen chips will be compatible with current 600 and 700-series chipset motherboards that support existing 12th Gen and 13th Gen parts.

While not mentioned in the MSI leak, the new parts should likely also carry Intel’s new branding, which will see these parts be referred to as Core 5, Core 7, and Core 9, eschewing the current ‘i’ branding.

Intel is expected to announce these new parts during its ironically named Innovation 2023 event in September.

Via • Source (MSI)

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