Turn your regular old Apple Watch into a wannabe Ultra with this rugged Nomad case

If, like me, you’ve been looking down at your standard Apple Watch with a slight hint of disdain ever since the superior Apple Watch Ultra was revealed, you’ll love this. Accessory makers Nomad have designed a rugged case for the standard Apple Watch that, at a glance, could see them mistaken for Apple’s premium timepiece.

The Nomad Rugged Case for Apple Watch is the company’s first attempt at making a durable cover for the wristwatch, with the package comprising both a band and protective shell. It’s looking like a contender for the best Apple Watch case crown.

Compatible with 45 and 44mm Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Series 7 and Series 8 devices, it’s made of a hardened 315L stainless steel, with a 1000 HV DLC coating that should help make it near impervious to bumps and scrapes. A TPU lining, designed for shock absorption, rounds out the protective features.

Apple Watch Ultra encased in Nomad's Rugged Case

(Image credit: Nomad / Apple)

As for the band itself, Nomad says it’s using “FKM fluoroelastomer for a soft yet durable finish”, alongside a stainless steel buckle. It’s a tough cookie, and built right into the case for the best defence — which also means you can’t mix-and-match this with other bands you may like.

A Series Watch in Ultra clothing

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