PureKFD sees update to v3.1 with further user experience improvements

Just yesterday, we showed you a new app called PureKFD that works like a package manager app for non-jailbroken devices running firmware susceptible to the either the MacDirtyCow exploit (iOS 15.0-16.1.2) and kfd exploit (iOS 16.0-16.6 beta 1).

PureKFD v3.1 released.

PureKFD works with repositories and add-ons utilized by both Misaka and Picasso, which makes it a jack of all trades for your handset customization needs.

Bright and early Friday morning, however, the team announced in the PureKFD Discord server that version 3.1 of the utility was being released, and from what we can gather, this update introduces the following changes:

– Home settings changes now remain even after close
– Added iOS 15.7.2-15.7.6 support
– Faster apply that is near-instant on iOS 16.2+
– Added more support for MacDirtyCow
– Added cleanup and other bug fixes

If you’re an existing PureKFD user, or you’re prospectively considering giving it a go for the first time, then you can acquire the latest version from the project’s GitHub page. It can be either perma-signed with TrollStore or sideloaded with utilities such as AltStore or Sideloadly.

We should also note that while PureKFD doesn’t require a jailbreak to be installed, it can still be installed on jailbroken devices. The only requirement is that you have a supported firmware version for use by the MacDirtyCow or kfd exploits.

Have you installed the latest version of PureKFD yet? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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