EVA2020 x final Rei review: Neon Genesis Evangelion earbuds for the mech lover in your life

I am a massive nerd. Anyone who’s seen the monstrous wall of action figures and DVDs that dominates a large chunk of my office space can attest to the fact — along with the extensive collection of Evangelion mechs that grace a glass display cabinet.

Imagine, then, when I learned that Final (an audio brand I love) has made a pair of earbuds based around Neon Genesis Evangelion (an anime I love) and how I might react. I needed them. And now, I’ve got them — and they go beyond my expectations in terms of how a tie-in product actually works as a concept.

Price and availability

EVA2020 x final Rei

(Image credit: Future)

These are not cheap earbuds, especially when you consider there’s no noise canceling on board. A pair (in any of the different color/pilot/eva options) will set you back around $220/£199 — a price that exceeds that of most other in-ear buds. These are not for everyone, and the price reflects that, but interestingly, they should be considered by more than just die-hard Evangelion fans flush with cash. As long as they haven’t bought another Unit00 statue. Or an Asuka figurine.

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