China’s biggest carrier denies rumors it won’t sell the iPhone 15 amidst ‘resurgence in Chinese nationalism’ and government iPhone ban

China’s biggest carrier, China Mobile, has denied rumors swirling on social media that it won’t sell Apple’s iPhone 15, as the Cupertino company faces a wave of resurgent Chinese Nationalism and a government ban on iPhone for work. 

It’s the third harrowing story for Apple in China in as many days. On Wednesday, WSJ reported that the Chinese government has banned the use of iPhones for government officials at work. The revelation was enough to send Apple’s shares into a slide and was followed by a second revelation on Thursday that the ban could get even worse for Apple. Specifically, it was reported that Apple could extend the ban to workers at state-owned enterprises in China, of which there are more than 150,000 in the country. 

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