How to create a grocery list in Reminders on iOS 17 — Take control of your trips to the supermarket

iOS 17 is filled with quality-of-life improvements that make your life easier than ever before, all on your iPhone. One of the most useful additions to Reminders in this latest update is the ability to create grocery lists seamlessly without worrying about how you organize and plan your trip to the store.

I hadn’t given this feature a second thought until I stumbled upon it when writing my grocery list this week, and I’m a huge fan. If you need help organizing your grocery shopping and want an easy way, look no further than the first-party grocery lists feature in the iOS 17 Reminders app. Here’s how to use it.

How to create a grocery list in iOS 17 with Reminders

Creating a grocery list in Reminders on iOS 17 is so easy. The app does everything to make your next trip to Walmart stress-free by automatically grouping food items into food categories so you can find them easily in a grocery store.

Grocery List Reminders iOS 17

(Image credit: Future / Apple)
  1. Open Reminders in iOS 17
  2. Tap Add List to create a new list
  3. Tap List Type and select Groceries, then tap Done
  4. Start typing your food items. If you type “milk,” for example, Reminders will create a Dairy, Eggs & Cheese category
  5. You can edit the category for each item manually by tapping the i button
  6. Share your shopping list with your household by tapping the share button

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