Bright curling ripple gradient iPhone wallpapers

Minimal wallpapers make for incredible backgrounds as they prevent busy Home Screens. The simplicity also mirrors the hardware design language. These bright, curling, ripple gradient wallpapers combine simplicity with smooth rolling colors.

Ripple gradient wallpaper for iPhone

Our iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection features new, photo quality downloads every Sunday.

Today, we feature digital artist, @jianoliu, who consistently offers great downloads on the X feed or Telegram.

The following images caught my attention because of the colors and the design. I find that a majority or gradients utilize multiple colors and band through all of them. However, this collection piqued my interest because of the monochromatic color scheme.

Each color ripples through lighter and darker hues of the same. Then a dark mode options takes it all down one notch.

No surprise to any iDB Wallpaper of the Week regulars, my favorite is the purple download posted first in the below collection. I cannot decide if the light or dark version is my favorite. Setting the light version as a Lock Screen and the dark version as a Home Screen feels like the best option.

You can find 26 total versions of these images in @jianoliu’s download folder.

If you would like to influence the wallpaper collection, catch up with me via @jim_gresham. Specifically this week, we will be tracking down the iPhone advertising wallpaper images. Every time Apple unveils a new product, they include a great wallpaper in the marketing material. However, this image never comes to iOS.

When Apple announces iPhone 15 later this week, help us find the wallpapers for a special Wallpapers of the Week edition! Send them my way on X and be shouted out for the contribution in the upcoming post.

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Last week we also featured @jianoliu’s great work. Grab these backgrounds that were featured in our previous post.

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