Apple’s highest-end watch bands pulled from Hermés’ site the day before potential Apple Watch 9 launch

It’s looking more and more likely by the day that Apple is ditching that most premium of soft goods around its entire product line — leather. Now, as the Wonderlust iPhone 15 launch event is only a day and a chunk away, it’s become harder to buy one of the nicest (and most expensive) leather Apple products — the collaborative effort of high fashion brand Hermès and Apple itself, its gorgeous leather Apple Watch bands, have been pulled from the Hermès store.

We’ve already got an idea of what the iPhones’ new non-leather cases will look like thanks to a leak last week, but there’s no news as to what the Apple Watch bands could look like. Of course, this latest removal of a product line could mean more than just a shift to a different material — it could mean the end of the relationship between the two firms that’s been around since the Apple Watch Series 0.

Goodbye Apple leather, well, everything

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