Zebra package manager app updated to fix local .deb file installs

The Zebra package manager app received a small update early Monday morning to version 1.1.36, and if you’re an existing user, then we would recommend that you grab it.

Zebra package manager promo image.

Citing the change log for the latest Zebra release on GitHub, it would seem that this update fixes a bug that could interrupt installing local .deb files — in other words, installing your own jailbreak tweak files.

Since .deb files are often shared outside of traditional package managers these days, this is an important update for anyone who uses Zebra.

While someone who downloads and installs jailbreak tweaks through repositories in the app itself wouldn’t have noticed any issues installing those tweaks, the issue arises from attempting to open locally-contained .deb files that you’ve downloaded from the internet or that you may have received from a developer to test.

No other changes were reported in the Zebra package manager at this time.

If you’re an existing Zebra package manager app user, then you can download and install the latest update by launching the app and refreshing your sources. Anyone who wants to give Zebra a try for the first time can do so by adding the following repository to their existing package manager app:


Are you running the latest version of Zebra yet? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.

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