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You’re a Pro user, so it’s an exciting time: iPhone 15 Pro is here at last! Titanium makes it stronger and lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro, but back is still glass. The Action button replaces the Ring/Silent switch. An A17 chip makes this Apple’s most powerful chip yet. USB-C charging and data transfer are faster than ever. Of course, the camera system is why many of us choose Pro models, and this one has the equivalent of seven lenses included! You’ll want to protect your investment from the very first day, so be sure to order your case even before the phone arrives. Here are our favorite iPhone 15 Pro cases available so far.

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Do I really need a case for my iPhone 15 Pro?

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Hopefully you’re getting AppleCare+, but still, spending the day at the Apple Store for a repair (not to mention the deductible) isn’t my idea of fun. We still recommend getting a case for life’s little bumps in the road.

Will my old case fit the iPhone 15 Pro?

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