Apple has a new adapter to convert USB-C iPhones back to Lightning

Remember those days when you would need to buy an adapter to adapt all and any of your accessories to the iPhone’s proprietary Lightning port? Those days are long gone now that the iPhone 15 & 15 Pro series have finally adopted USB-C.

Apple USB-C to Lightning adapter.

Bringing the iPhone in-line with the company’s iPads and Macs means that you only ever need a single cable to charge and transfer data between devices, and it’s a beautiful thing.

However in a rather ironic turn of events, Apple has now started selling a new adapter that converts your iPhone 15 & 15 Pro series USB-C port back to Lightning, just in case you want to keep using your existing accessories.

Available for $29 from Apple’s website, the new adapter supports charging, data transfers, and audio playback, enabling all the same functions that you may have once enjoyed over a Lightning connection.

While most people will simply be using USB-C cables and accessories from their other USB-C devices with their new iPhone 15 & 15 Pro series handsets or transitioning to the new standard by investing in new equipment, we can see how some people might want to save money and just use an adapter instead.

Are you going to be investing in one of these adapters, or will you be loving straight to new USB-C cables and accessories? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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