iPhone 15 vs iPhone 13: Should you upgrade?

The iPhone 15 is on its way, and we know what the inside (and outside) of the phone will look like —and there are some stunning updates on board. The iPhone 13, however, has just had its second birthday; which means a whole lot of two-year contracts are about to meet their end.

If this is you, then you might be wondering whether you should upgrade from your trusty iPhone 13 and what benefits Apple’s latest flagship is going to bring to you. In a word, loads; the iPhone 15 is a massive upgrade over the iPhone 14, let alone the iPhone 13. There’s the processor from last year’s Pro iPhones, a new 48MP camera, and some wicked color options. The price remains unchanged as well — you can grab an iPhone 15 for $799, the launch price of the flagship iPhone models for the last few years.

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