This 100W MagSafe charging station is the ultimate iPhone 15 companion, and that’s not all

The iPhone 15 line of phones is looking very impressive and Ugreen’s latest charger may help that needed swap to USB-C. Capable of charging multiple devices at a time, the  Ugreen Nexode 100W charger has just launched and it comes with a 15W MagSafe wireless charger, two USBC ports, and one USB A — a great combination.  

With Apple’s Wonderlust event having such a big focus on sustainability, Ugreen is a natural choice for any consumer looking to follow in Apple’s footsteps. Ugreen’s GaN chargers are more efficient and less prone to fire than a traditional charger. A really good charger is almost always worth the commitment — especially when you have just purchased a new phone. 

A greener future

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