HabitScore, Cadenza, Learn.xyz, and other apps to check out this weekend

Congratulations everyone, we made it to the weekend again! That means it’s time for another Apps of the Week roundup, and this week we have some excellent picks for you. We have a habit tracker with rewards, an algorithm-free playlist-maker, and an app that aims to make learning more fun. And as always, we’ve selected a fun new game for you to check out.

HabitScore – Habit Tracker

HabitScore is an app that aims to help you develop productive, long-lasting habits. That’s it, that’s the whole app. But seriously, it looks a lot like Streaks, and really any other habit tracking app out there. It offers calendar views and graphs that help you visualize your progress, and there are rewards for completing your habit goals. I don’t know what really separates this app from the others out there, but it looks sharp and has all the features, so if you are in the market for something like this — check it out!

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Cadenza – public playlists

Here is a cool idea for an app. It’s called Cadenza, and it implores you to “skip the algorithms,” and instead discover, create and collaborate on unique playlists with your fellow music-lovers. There’s a playlist out there for every vibe, mood and occasion, and if there’s not one for your specific need, you can simply create it. The app can ship playlists to both Spotify and Apple Music, and you can even play music without exiting. I know what I’m doing this weekend — Cody’s Super Chill End of Summer Margarita Mix Tape coming up.

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Learn.xyz – Learn with AI

Make learning the fun habit it should be with Learn.xyz. In the app you get to hang out with Lumi, your friendly octopus friend that’s in charge of a powerful AI. Ask Lumi about any topic, and the app will create your curiosity for you. For instance, a query like “where do French fries come from” will produce flash cards with bite-sized, digestible blurbs on them to teach you about the origins of the popular fast food, and then a pop quiz to test your new knowledge. The app even has a “friend feed” that shows you the topics others are learning about. What an awesome idea!

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Waddle Wars: Roguelike Defense

Ok, in all honesty I was this close (holds fingers really close together) to making Bottle Flip 360 this week’s game pick. It’s literally just a 3D environment where you flip a digital plastic water bottle on a table and try to get it to land right-side-up. But I thought better of it, and went with a much more serious, in-depth title called Waddle Wars, a tower defense-style game featuring penguins. It has all the elements including 30+ unique perks to upgrade your castle and its defenses, unlockable skins, global competitions, and more. You know what, I think I’m going to check out that Bottle Flip game. Sounds fun. Check out whichever one sounds more fun to you.

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