Satechi launches MagSafe-compatible leather wallet that doubles as an iPhone stand

Just in time for the new iPhone launch this week, our friends at Satechi are out with a new product that’s sure to be popular among those who spend a lot of time at a desk.

Satechi MagSafe leather wallet stand.

Enter Satechi’s new MagSafe-compatible wallet stand, a product that doubles as both a MagSafe-compatible wallet to hold your ID and credit card(s) and a stand that can prop up your iPhone on your desk at a comfortable viewing angle for watching videos.

Satechi MagSafe leather wallet stand landscape.

Satechi’s new MagSafe-compatible wallet stand is available in four different color-ways, including Black, Navy Blue, Brown, and Orange. Four alternative colors are also available from Apple’s website exclusively, including Forest Green, Purple, and Blue.

Satechi MagSafe leather wallet stand colors.

Crafted out of vegan leather, they’re an excellent choice for someone wanting to continue using the timeless material as Apple moves out of leather territory and instead into their sustainable and carbon-neutral FineWoven material alternative.

These wallet stands from Satechi will look familiar to anyone who has ever used a MagSafe wallet before, however the added functionality of a stand makes them more convenient than the former.

Satechi MagSafe Leather wallet stand.

The wallet second holds up to four cards, and there’s even room for some cash. A specialized cutout for IDs also makes age-checks at your favorite bar or grocery store a breeze.

Another interesting feature of this wallet is that it’s NFC-compatible, allowing you to use Tap to Pay right through the wallet for your convenience.

Anyone looking to acquire a Satechi leather wallet stand can head over to Satechi’s website where they’re currently available for $39.99.

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