The best TVs for Apple TV: Get the most out of your Apple streamer

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If you’re looking for the best TVs for Apple TV, that probably means one of two things: either you have an Apple TV 4K box and you’re looking for something to make the most of it, or you’re a happy subscriber to Apple TV Plus and you just want a TV that will make the shows and movies look their best… and you probably want a TV with the Apple TV built in, to make it easy to get to the service.

So in this guide, we’ve chosen TVs based on a few criteria. First, of course, is that everything here has the Apple TV on its smart TV platform. Not all TV software is created equal, when it comes to apps and ease-of-use. There’s only so much we can do about the latter (though we’ll let you know which we think are more user-friendly, in case that’s foremost in your mind), but we have made sure that everything here has Apple TV ready to go.

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