7 things you should do first with your iPhone

There’s something so exciting about peeling away the seal on a brand-new iPhone and letting the anticipation build as it slides out of the box. It’s a feeling that never gets old, especially if you’ve had multiple iPhones over the years. 

Once you finally have your new iPhone in your hands, it’s hard not to rush ahead and get right to using your favorite apps. In doing so, you might fly past some important setup steps that can make your overall experience better. We’ve rounded up seven of the most important things to do with your new iPhone that will address key features and ensure you have a seamless iOS experience.

Transfer your data 

iPhone 14 Review

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The way you set up your iPhone will depend on whether you’ve owned one before. If it’s your first foray into Apple’s ecosystem, use our guide to setting up your new iPhone. Here, you’ll learn all the basics, like creating an Apple ID and setting up Siri. 

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